SIGA (Electronics) Ltd

Wide Range of high quality wound components

SIGA (Electronics) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of all types of toroidal and bobbin wound components, and associated assemblies.

Established in 1961, the company has steadily expanded and now occupies its own purpose built, 15,000 sq.ft factory where now overĀ 50 employees are involved in the production of an increasingly wide range of high quality transformers and inductors.

The quality and close attention given to our customers requirements have resulted in SIGA being granted approval by a number of national and international companies in the electronic, aerospace and medical industries.

Main market sectors supplied are : medical , aerospace , railways , satellite, test equipment, underwater vehicles (ROVs) , as well as the general electronics industries. With over 50 years of experience, More…


Toroidal Transformers

SIGA are able to supply custom wound transformers designed to meet customer’s specific requirements, and also have a Standard range of toroidal transformers available from stock.

Toroidal transformers offer several advantages, for example: smaller size and weight; lower profile; lower core loss and improved efficiency.


Laminated Transformers

SIGA manufacture a range of bobbin wound laminated transformers with power output range extending from below 1VA up to 5kVA at a supply frequency of 50Hz.

Bobbin wound transformers are available in several different styles, including: horizontal PCB mounting; vertical clamp mounting with either solder tags or flexible leads.



SIGA production facilities extend to cover the design, manufacture and test of wound components using the wide range of ferrite cores available from toroidal types to RM’s , ETD, EFD, E-cores , EP and pot cores.

Ferrite cores are used for the manufacture of higher frequency transformers and inductors.