About Us

SIGA (Electronics) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of all types of toroidal and bobbin wound components and associated assemblies.

SIGA was established in 1961, in a small unit in Stevenage to wind toroidal windings for the aerospace industry. After several years of expansion, SIGA outgrew  the premises and in 1972 moved to purpose built 5000 sq ft factory in Sandy .

The three original directors continued to expand the company and two further extensions resulted  in the current 15000 sq ft site where over 50 employees are now involved in the production of an increasingly wide range of high quality wound components.

In 1991, with a view to the continuity of the company in the future, Richard Thrussell was promoted to Managing Director, after a number of years involved in technical sales.

In 1997 after the retirement of the original directors, Richard took ownership of the company and established a new management team , drawing on the experience of Peter Storton who joined the company in 1974, to become Operations Manager, and Steven Blow, who joined in 1972, to become Purchasing Manager.

The company has increased the turnover, product range and client base steadily under the current management team.

SIGA’s transformers can be found in a wide and diverse range of applications ranging from satellites in the far reaches of space, aircraft and helicopters, to high performance vehicles, railway signalling equipment, road side traffic control, to operating theatres and X ray equipment, to oil rigs and oil rig fog horn systems, to submarines, ships, and to ROVs working deep in the oceans.

The design, manufacture and test facilities have been approved to ISO9001, and the high quality and the attention given to customer’s requirements have resulted in SIGA being granted approval by a significant number of national and international companies in the electronic and aerospace industries.

SIGA (Electronics) Ltd is a Privately Limited Company, owned by its Directors.

The interest and the loyalty of the staff at all levels contribute to the efficiency of the skilled production team, which is able to undertake the manufacture of most types of transformer. Careful attention and controls throughout all production stages from design to final inspection maintain quality and reliability. In addition to a range of UL Recognised toroidal transformers conforming to the requirements of UL506, specialised knowledge combined with computer aided facilities enable SIGA to design, manufacture and test to a majority of international standards such as EN61558, EN60601 and EN60950. Many companies in the medical, aerospace, audio and instrumentation industries have benefited from the accumulated experience and expertise which SIGA can provide.

The Company has a simple objective to provide an efficient service to the customer, ensuring that : –

  • Components are supplied conforming to the required specification.
  • Components are supplied to the required quality.
  • Components are supplied on time.

SIGA supply the following:
Standard toroidal transformersCustom wound toroidal transformers,
Bobbin wound laminated transformers, Ferrite cored transformers,
Potted transformers, Medical isolating transformers,
Foil wound coils and special assemblies