SIGA (Electronics) Ltd has considerable experience in designing transformers and inductors to meet customers varied and specific requirements. Through its 50 years , custom designs have formed a significant proportion of the production and the experience and expertise accumulated over this period has enabled many ingenious development ideas to be brought to the production stage.  A bespoke computer aided design program allows a wide range of toroidal and laminated transformers to be designed and a comprehensive library of technical information is available. With the interest and loyalty of staff at all levels right across the Company , not only does this provide an efficient and skilled production team , but also allows for considerable experience to be drawn on.

Our designers work closely with our customers to ensure the optimum designs are achieved to produce non-standard wound assemblies for special applications. Familiarity with a wide range of materials suitable for operation at different temperatures and in different environments  allow components to be designed for a wide range of applications.

Although a variety of non-standard assemblies have been produced , the expertise is often applied to the construction and winding techniques for more standard type assemblies where special performance or test parameters have been specified.

Options available to the designers are :

Type of component – toroidal , laminated , ferrite , C-core , E-core , air cored

Type of mounting – clamping disc and washer , resin filled centre , universal frames , PCB mounted , special frames

Type of finish – clear tape , vacuum varnish impregnated , varnished dipped,  enveloped , encapsulated

Terminations – flexible flying leads , terminals for PCB mounting , terminal blocks , stud type terminals on a terminal board

SIGA welcome all enquiries and would be pleased to discuss any particular requirement which customers may have.

SIGA supply the following:
Standard toroidal transformersCustom wound toroidal transformers,
Bobbin wound laminated transformers, Ferrite cored transformers,
Potted transformers, Medical isolating transformers
Foil wound coils and special assemblies