Stockholm, Sweden, Tuesday 16 August 2016 – ETAL Group today announced that it is renaming Anaview, the leading manufacturer of efficient Class D amplifiers, as ETAL. The well recognised and regarded Anaview name will continue as the product line name for the Group’s Class D amplifier range.

KAMIC Group, the parent company of ETAL acquired Anaview in 2013, managing it as a unit of ETAL Group, a leading international supplier of inductive components.

Commenting Dan Phelan, President of ETAL said, “Anaview has made excellent progress since we acquired the business three years ago, launching further innovative products and winning new customers. The combination of Anaview’s design flair and experience and the strong ETAL production and distribution organisation has proved extremely powerful. To reflect the growing integration of the business into the group we have decided that now is the right time to change the name of the company to the group name: ETAL. The Anaview name is extremely well recognised and loved in the international audio market as a brand of high performance amplifiers, so we will continue to use it as a product name.”

He continued, “The extensive experience of the design team behind Anaview Class D amplifiers is enabling audio companies worldwide to meet the highest demands for audio quality, cost efficiency and green power, and achieve the shortest possible time to market. In creating their designs, they benefit from ETAL’s expertise in transformer and inductive component technology. Inductive components in Anaview amplifiers are designed specifically by ETAL for Anaview, and manufactured by the Group. The name change will make no difference to the exceptional design and quality of Anaview Class D amplifiers. The team will continue with its keep-it-simple design philosophy using premium components for a robust and great sounding amplifier system.”