Industries Served

The market for magnetic components is expanding as a direct result of worldwide growth in the number of products containing electronics, since all electronic devices require some type of power supply and magnetic components are necessary in all power equipment. In addition, the rising electronic content in the products is increasing the need to measure and control electronic signals, and this also calls for magnetic components.

Another increasingly important application area for the components is to reduce energy losses in electronic equipment, a trend that is being driven by a growing environmental awareness and intensifying demands on energy efficiency.

This wide segment includes manufacturers of a variety of applications from handheld tools to large-scale automated power distribution networks. Sales are carried out on a global market and we support manufacturing sites in several countries.

Military and Aerospace
SIGA offers high-reliable and complex products weighing from only a few grams up to more than 100 kilograms. Our products are renowned for its effectual functioning and high-tensile strength among our valued customers.

Ultra efficient, high reliability transformers and inductors to manufacturers of electric vehicle charging solutions to high end motor sport applications.

Oil & Gas

A wide range of requirements from control panels to intercoms.


A wide range of transformers for the medical industry conforming to the insulation requirements of EN60601-1. Medical Isolating transformers can be designed to meet customer’s specific requirements, either toroidal or bobbin wound, and supplied either as the transformer only or assembled in a case.

Renewable Energy

Products for use in DC to DC convertors for Solar Power.


  • More than fifty years experience designing, producing and selling transformers and inductors
  • Custom design and manufacture to your needs
  • Own factories in Europe and Asia
  • R&D Centres in UK, Estonia and Sri Lanka
  • Short lead time for prototypes
  • Global company