World leader in the manufacture of toroidal transformers and related magnetic components gains strength in depth for global manufacturing and supply of magnetic components following acquisitions.

Stockholm, Sweden, 20 July 2021 – KAMIC Group has announced the establishment of a global magnetics powerhouse with manufacturing in five countries and direct representation in the world’s most significant economies. This follows the addition of Talema to ETAL and SIGA in its Magnetics Business Area.

The expanded KAMIC Group Magnetics business unit, under the leadership of Dan Phelan, will provide customers with a comprehensive portfolio of power magnetics, supported by around 1100 employees including 15 design engineers capable of developing custom solutions – a common requirement in this market.

Talema’s strength in current transformers and toroidal components complements ETAL’s focus on planar magnetics. The expanded KAMIC Group will continue to manufacture and sell its in-house developed high-performance magnetic components such as transformers and inductors, which are used in AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters and signal applications. Most components are custom designed for specific applications, and the business unit also offers a range of standard components.

The extended business unit addresses a market for magnetic components that is expanding as a direct result of worldwide growth in the number of products containing electronics. All electronic devices require some type of power supply and magnetic components are necessary in all power equipment. In addition, the rising electronic content in these products is driving the need to measure and control electronic signals, and this also calls for magnetic components.

Another increasingly important application area for the Magnetics business unit’s components is to reduce energy losses in electronic equipment, a trend that is being driven by a growing environmental awareness and intensifying demands on energy efficiency. The growth in the use of renewable sources for electricity and in electric vehicles are two further drivers for demand for magnetic components.

To fulfil these pressing requirements, Talema production facilities in the Czech Republic and India now supplement KAMIC Group’s existing factories in the UK, Estonia and Sri Lanka. Sales offices in the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, India, and Ireland will combine with ETAL and SIGA’s strong presence serving customers in the UK and Scandinavian markets. In addition, the magnetics business unit now has access to Talema’s global network of agents and distributors.

A further benefit to customers is that UL and EN product approvals from Talema can be applied across the span of ETAL and SIGA products. This gives KAMIC Group the ability to offer custom designed products that are EN/UL approved, streamlining the customers’ end-product EN/UL approvals. Declan Grady of Talema is a member of several UL Standards Technical Panels (STPs).

Talema’s Vice President Operations, Madison “Mac” Daily, commented on the deal: “We are very pleased to have Talema Group join KAMIC Group. We share similar technologies and knowledge to serve complementary markets. Talema is a good fit for KAMIC and looks forward to growing together.”

Dan Phelan, President of ETAL Group, added: “We welcome the opportunities to benefit from a truly global market contributing to enhanced range of product expertise, design, development, customisation and production. This is truly strength in width and depth.”

Talema adds approximately 600 employees and annual sales of about USD 14.5 million. Together with their skilled employees, Talema’s current management team will remain with the company as a unit within KAMIC Group’s magnetics business. The expanded magnetics group in KAMIC will have a turnover of around 250 million SEK (21 million GBP) and around 1100 employees.

About KAMIC Group
KAMIC Group ( is a corporate group consisting of some 40 companies active in both trade and manufacturing. Our common aim is to be a leading supplier of technical products and services in several well-defined product and market niches. The Group has approximately 1,600 employees in 15 countries in Europe, Asia and North America and annual sales of approximately SEK 2.4 billion. Our customers are found mainly in manufacturing industry but also among electrical installers and construction companies.