Special Assemblies

Since SIGA was established over 50 years ago, special coil assemblies have formed a significant proportion of the production. The experience and expertise which has been accumulated over this period, has enabled many ingenious development ideas to be brought to the production stage.

SIGA design engineers work closely with the customer’s development engineers to finalise the design necessary to produce non standard wound assemblies for special applications. Although a large variety of non standard assemblies have been produced, the expertise is often applied to the construction and winding techniques for standard type assemblies where special performance or test parameters have been specified.

Special assemblies produced include:

  • Foil wound coils
  • Formerless self supporting coils
  • Coils with special terminations or mounting
  • Multi aperture current transformer assemblies
  • Current transformers.
  • Encapsulated coils for PCB mounting.
  • Medical isolating transformer assemblies.
  • C Core power transformers

SIGA also supply the following:
Standard toroidal transformersCustom wound toroidal transformers,
Bobbin wound laminated transformers, Ferrite cored transformers,
Potted transformers, Medical isolating transformers,