Standard Toroidal Transformers

SIGA are able to supply a standard range of toroidal transformers offering the following benefits :-

  • High quality at competitive prices
  • Wide range of secondary voltage ratings
  • Reduced size and weight
  • Ex-stock delivery (subject to availability)


Dual primary winding for operation from 120v or 230/240v, 50-60Hz supplies.


A wide range of outputs are available as tabulated, click here for table.


Flexible flying leads, 200mm long are supplied on all transformers for reliability and ease of termination. Windings should be connected in series or parallel for correct operation as shown below. Fixing – each transformer is supplied with a mounting kit consisting of a clamping disc, foam washer and complete with nut, bolt and washer.

Care must be taken when mounting to avoid forming a shorted turn with the fixing bolt. The standard toroidal transformers are subject to comprehensive tests throughout manufacture, and conform to the voltage proof requirements for Class 2 operation of the EN61558 and are approved to UL506

SIGA also supply the following:
Custom wound toroidal transformers,
Bobbin wound laminated transformers, Ferrite cored transformers,
Potted transformers, Medical isolating transformers
Foil wound coils and special assemblies