Why Choose SIGA?

SIGA (Electronics) Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of all types of toroidal and bobbin wound components and associated assemblies.

Our design and production capabilities allow for the manufacture of toroidal  transformers, laminated transformers,  E and C cored transformers, all types of ferrite cored components from toroidal to EFD, ETD, EP etc., as well as UL approved toroidal transformers. SIGA also has the facilities for vacuum varnish impregnating, varnish dipping, enveloping, resin filling, vacuum encapsulating and  thermal cycling components.

Celebrating 50 years of supplying the electronics industry, SIGA has gained considerable experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of wound components which have been used in applications from underwater vehicles operating deep in the oceans, to submarines and ships, in a  range of military and civil aircraft, to the International Space Station  and extending to satellites used in the outer reaches of space. Earth based applications include medical equipment, test and communication equipment, railway signalling, motorway control systems and the general electronic applications.

SIGA are able to offer a comprehensive computer aided design service  to work with engineers to custom design products to specifically meet our customers requirements, or are able to work to customers drawings where they have designed products themselves.

We aim to offer an efficient service responding quickly to enquiries for new products or repeat orders and try to work closely with our customers through all stages of design, prototyping and production. SIGA has worked with many of our customers for a long period of time – including one from when SIGA was first established in 1961. We work towards building long term relationships and partnerships with our customers and offer a very flexible service to enable SIGA to work seamlessly with different customers’ methods of operating – through stock holding, offering a kan ban service and providing daily, weekly or monthly deliveries.

SIGA are able to supply quantities ranging from 1 off to many thousands off per annum.

The Company has a simple objective to provide an efficient service to our customers, ensuring that :

  • Components are supplied conforming to the required specification
  • Components are supplied to the required quality requirements
  • Components are supplied on time

SIGA sets targets for efficiency, on time deliveries and quality levels and reviews these to establish preventative and corrective action on a regular basis.

SIGA supply the following:
Standard toroidal transformersCustom wound toroidal transformers,
Bobbin wound laminated transformers, Ferrite cored transformers,
Potted transformers, Medical isolating transformers,
Foil wound coils and special assemblies